MyriadFlow is an innovative platform to create & explore the next generation of Utility NFTs and offer NFT Experiences.

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Secure Online Browsing

Our service offers private and secure internet browsing around the world including restricted regions. Lazarus Dedicated VPN gives you encrypted internet surfing and prevents hackers and malware from accessing your data using the secure tunnel between your device and the internet.

Restricted Content

Avoid content restrictions and censorship by selecting an access location of your choice while deploying the dedicated network for your work/home. You are able to search the internet with complete freedom.

Internal Applications

Secure internal applications by deploying the dedicated network for your work/home. Using this service, Administrators can enable reliable access to on-premises applications to their coworkers or family members. The Dedicated Network can also be set up from Gateway Device which also offers distributed cloud storage and compute services.


Operator web dashboard and the Straightaway mobile app

Free $ 19.99 / Month

For Private Preview only.

  • iOS/Android driver apps
  • Web dashboard
  • Route optimization
  • Time-windows
  • Spreadsheet importing (csv,xls)
  • FedEx integration
  • In-app navigation
  • Offline navigation
  • Route History
  • Building highlighting
  • Stop instructions & metadeta