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Solutions to rapidly transition to Web3 & DApp Driven Ecosystem for Users & SMEs through Blockchain Transformations.

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Our platform offers Blockchain based solutions for Teams and Enterprises to rapidly transition to CyberSecurity & Web3 Driven Ecosystem. Our products enable Enterprises with Blockchain Transformations adding more value to their business and pave the way for the emerging decentralized economy.


Technologies For Cyber Defense to protect individuals and companies from cyber-attacks like ransomware, email spoofing, phishing etc. We help them by securing the network layer within their home/office so that all applications can only access authorized services and malicious services are blocked.


Solutions like a custodial wallet and NFT Experiences Launchpad allowing traditional Web2 companies access to the exciting world of Web3 without having to go through the learning curve of Encryption and Wallet Mnemonics.


Integrate NFT Marketplace Engine based Solutions with their Clients.

Integrate wallet and NFT solutions into their existing Games and Marketplaces.

Help Integrate Custodial Wallet Solutions with their Clients.

Completed the Pilot to Access Wireless Devices behind Firewall, Security from DDoS and Firmware Protection, Smart Monitoring, Easier OTA Upgrades and Remote Support option.