Say Goodbye to Malware and Scams with NetSepio - The Decentralized Cybersecurity Platform. NetSepio enables customers to preemptively protect their online activities from advanced threats in a collaborative way, with a decentralized and tamperproof process using blockchain technology.

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Protect your online presence using NetSepio browser extension from below.

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CyberSecutity meets Web3

NetSepio combines the power of blockchain with cybersecurity to provide the best protection against scams and malware.

Review as NFT

Share your thoughts on websites and earn NFTs without spending any gas or transaction fees. Every review is archived in IPFS, ensuring that you can always access your favorite content even if it's deleted.

DAO Driven Governance

NetSepio uses community-driven decision-making to create lists of websites that are scams, malware, phishing, and more.

Crypto Wallet

A secure, multi-chain-supported crypto wallet that lets you send and receive coins and ERC20 tokens.

Auth, Access and More

Get access to various platform features like VPN, Storage, SSI, and more.